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Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors Exhibition in the Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Public Library

October, 2022 This joint project was a special treat for us. The Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors and Public Art Bridgeville were understandably on board – given their missions. And we hoped that the Library would find that the work could co-exist with both their physical space and their mission. But, as we found out, the Library was “all in”, defining their participation in the project by reminding us of their “full” name – Bridgeville Public Library/Bill & Grace McDivitt Center for Lifelong Learning – and how that informs their mission. “When we talk about literacy, it’s not just traditional literacy in terms of books. It’s multiple kinds of literacy, and part of our mission is to connect people not just to information, but to each other,” he said. “I think [the sculpture show] is mutually beneficial to those involved, so we’re always thrilled to do it.”
Ben Hornfeck, Bridgeville Public Library Director

Guy’s three pieces in the show are the bust of the Citizen Soldier (image immediately below) and two pieces from his Quarks Series about energy.

Citizen Soldier is the centerpiece of the Kane County Veterans Memorial, in Geneva, Illinois. It is a tribute and memorial for veterans who served (in a day before professional soldiers, most of them were drafted) and were also Kane County residents, who died in America’s 20th Century conflicts. 
The bust of the Citizen Soldier has previously been in only one show – an event celebrating the service of Veterans. But it is such a powerful piece, and it seemed fitting as Veterans Day nears, so we submitted it. Guy’s artwork for this Memorial is so beautifully conceived and executed, and, as a Veteran himself, it has been a special point of pride for him. It was designed to embody the quote that John Carr (the County Veterans Assistance Commissioner at the time) wanted on the base.
“Freedom is not free – it is earned and preserved by each succeeding generation”

The American Legion website has images and information, as does a Virtual Memorial project, done by students at a local middle school.

The Quarks Series evolved from a visit that Guy made to Fermilab (Batavia, IL) – a really fascinating place. 
From Fermilab’s website: As America’s particle physics laboratory, Fermilab operates and builds powerful particle accelerators for investigating the smallest things human beings have ever observed. About 2,300 physicists from all over the world come to Fermilab to conduct experiments using particle accelerators. These machines not only drive discovery, they are themselves the subjects of research and innovation. Scientists and engineers at Fermilab actively advance accelerator science and technology, not only to help unravel the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time, but also to help solve some of society’s most important challenges.

More sculptures in the Library Show. Top to bottom, left to right, outside piece by Dan Droz, inside piece by Dan Droz (Best of Show), Ron Nigro (Judges Award and Sold), Amy Short (Judges Award), Duncan MacDiarmid (Judges Award), Sarah Simmons, and Dino Deluliis (Sold). Lots of really talented artists in the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors!

The Society of Sculptors has had a busy fall, with shows in Lawrenceville, Bridgeville and coming soon, another show that is a joint project between SOS and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s LAMP/Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians.

Guy was in the first collaboration between SOS and the library, and is delighted that the show is back after a COVID hiatus.

From LAMP: “This exhibition presents a tactile adventure for visitors to the LAMP facility. The special element of the show is that “each artwork is accompanied by a description recorded by the artist in LAMP’s professional recording studio. This combination of verbal and tactile expression creates an exciting encounter with artistry for both the maker and this appreciative library audience.”

Guy’s piece Tiger was juried into the LAMP show. He chose to submit it for this particular show because the sculpture is very tactile.

Artist Statement..Tiger is a sculpture I created to celebrate the graduation of our son Gordon from DePauw University, whose mascot is a tiger. Because I wanted to create a piece that would stand the test of time, I sculpted Tiger in clay and had it cast in bronze. I wanted it to have the bronze coloring but didn’t want to paint the bronze.  So, to separate the tiger’s stripes from the rest of its fur, I recessed them. The recessed stripes define the cat as a tiger. The cat’s paw is reaching forward – to represent the inquisitiveness of both the nature of the cat and the young man for whom it was created.